Habitat Restoration and Enrichment

Through careful planning and implementation, degraded areas will be rejuvenated, ensuring the provision of suitable living conditions for a diverse range of species.

The Restoration of Grazing Areas

Critical to the success of the conservation of Malayan tigers is the restoration of grazing areas to ensure high prey availability. Nurturing grasslands on degraded forest patches in the landscape serves to attract prey species (and the Asian elephant to reduce human-elephant conflict). Maintaining grasslands at selected sites, together with nearby concentrated mineral sources (artificial saltlicks) encourages reproduction and improvement in the population of these species.

Key sites for habitat enrichment will be identified to establish high-food productivity grazing sites in the landscape. This will provide adequate, constant nutritious food for the Malayan tigers to be able to thrive. Consequently, close coordination with the Department of Wildlife & National Parks of Malaysia (PERHILITAN) as part of a joint programme is anticipated to introduce captive-bred Malayan tigers into the Tiger Reserve under supervised conditions.

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