Core Habitat for Wildlife

As the core habitat for various animals, it safeguards their existence, fosters biodiversity, and ensures their survival for generations to come.

Image Credits:  Perhilitan & Pelindung Alam Malaysia


The Tiger Reserve is rich with an extensive array of animal species; several of which are listed as vulnerable, endangered and critically endangered. The habitat supports six of the seven wild cat species found in Malaysia – the Malayan tiger, Melanistic leopard, Clouded leopard, Marbled cat, Golden cat and Leopard cat – as well as endangered species such as the Asian elephant, Malayan tapir, Asian dhole, White-handed gibbon, Pig-tailed macaque and Dusky leaf monkey.
The habitat is also home to over 380 bird species, including 2 critically endangered species – the Helmeted hornbill, and the Crestless fireback, as well as vulnerable and endangered species such as the Buff-rumped woodpecker, Argus pheasant, Large green pigeon and Crested partridge.

Catchment Protection

The Tiger Reserve is known for its distinctive quartz ridge formations, with many hills that are to be discovered and expected to harbour endemic flora and fauna.
The Tembeling River is a major tributary of the Pahang River and is of enormous significance to the indigenous peoples and local communities for transportation, food resources, and source of income from nature-tourism.
The Tiger Reserve protects the primary water catchment of the Tembeling River and is classified as essential for soil and water protection from the risk of erosions and landslides, and for preserving water quality and supply.

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